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I am a homo sapien currently residing on planet Earth. I strive to understand things clearly and help others do the same.

Interview: Blockchain

The world of blockchain. Pratyush Kumar one of author of feynmand interviews Stefan Qin, consultant on blockchain, and founder a diversified blockchain fund, Virgil Capital.

/ July 26, 2017

Tools for Optimization: Loss Functions, Updates and the need for Activation Functions

Consider you have a classification task at hand. You pre-processed your data and, depending on your choice, fed it to a fancy Scikit-learn algorithm and boom – your model is...

/ July 12, 2017

Supervised Machine Learning I : How could have Darth Vader saved the Death Star?

Remeber how Darth Vader failed in preventing the Rebellion from destroying the Death Star? It turns out, Vader was not at fault. It was the engineering. They did not use...

/ May 24, 2017

Machine Learning: A Perfunctory Overview

‘Artificial Intelligence is the new Electricity’ - Andrew Y. Ng You see word suggrstions while you type, article suggestion when you browse your favourite wbsite or watch a video on...

/ May 13, 2017