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Neuroscience, in layman terms, can be called the study of ‘How the brain works‘, while in creating an AI, by using Neural Networks, we try to build systems and models that mimic what our brain does. Scientists today are excited today by the pace at which this field is flourishing, while a few mortals are terrified by this, upon which I am no expert to comment on, that either the fear is justified or otherwise.

But, recently I had the chance to have a talk with Arthur Juliani, a Software engineer at Unity, and Neuroscience researcher. Below is the video, that might answer some of your questions on the connection between Neuroscience and Machine Learning, how must you feel about the recent warnings against AI and a few more interesting topics. So, suit yourself:



He also applies reinforcement learning in a fascinating manner. Here check out his Github repository.

So, I will see you very soon with an interesting topic. Until then, keep learning.

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